Wanna See My Trick?

Most days when I come home from work, Grayson asks me (through Millie) if I want to see her new trick.

This was yesterday's:

What made it even better was that she'd only do it while looking at the mirror, until she had some grandparents to wave to (grammashu last night and peeps and maymay today). Now it's in full force.

Also note that she'll only wave with her left-hand. No offense to you lefties out there, but I've threatened to tie her left arm behind her so she doesn't have to skew her notebook, smudge the paper, and prop up her arm when she takes notes in school.

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Marshall Benbow said...

Offense taken. What next, are you afraid that she might have red-hair? Why must you pick on people who are decent and hard-working and just happen to be in their right mind?