Weekend (Part 1)

We had a big weekend in the 'boro!

Took the usual trip to the farmer's market and ran into our friends, Sara, Charlie and baby Mac! (apologies for cutting off your head Justin, I was aiming for the babies).

Had some play time in the yard while Justin studied inside for his big test in June. Note that the whisk might be her favorite toy. Along with a hair brush and a nail file. Of course all of the "toys" that aren't really "toys" are her favorites.

Check out those teeth! Maymay and Peeps also got home tonight from a week in Little Rock. She sure was happy to see them!

We attempted the first bath in the big-girl sink, but it wasn't as fun as it looks. She slid all over the place (notice the red dish towel on the bottom of the sink for traction). Maybe in another month or so when sitting up is a little easier.
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