Beach Weekend

(first row: cereal on the balcony, tons of shells, coffee binoculars bible and porch for breakfast, peppermint joe joe's,
second row: "will you take our picture?", what a view, ocean that redneck girl fell in, "am I a dork if I take a picture of our shadows?"
third row: obligatory pose, fried pickles are even better the next day, cheapskate pb&j's for lunch, what a beautiful day,
fourth row: mil in her pink pj's and overcoat "glassing" some birds, the kid's table and fabric we bought)

We went down to Wrightsville for Mil's birthday and Valentines. Somehow I'm lucky enough to have a wife that will still love me if I don't shower or shave and take her out to a place called "SOMETHING FISHy" on Valentines. God bless you Millie.
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The Whitworth Fam said...

mmmm...Something Fishy!! Miss that place. What a hole in the way!!

Hoots said...

I love Somthing Fishy!!! I could eat it right now...

Atkinson said...

So glad you guys had a good time!!!