Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday we made pinecone bird treats with peanut butter and birdseed. The birds got one peck before a slinky squirrel nibbled off the string and stole the pinecone all for himself.

Too bad they aren't the magical kind of squirrels like in Narnia and Snow White's story where I can whistle, sing, or politely ask them to help scurry up these attic stairs and rennovate that space for us in one big wave of a magic wand.

Tuesday Peeps and Grayson wore matching hoodies and she spent the night at "toe-da" (Toad Hall) so Justin and I could begin to wave our not-so-magic-but-still-productive wands up in the attic.

Wednesday involved some snuggle time. We've been battling mild colds this week, so its hard to beat a good book, a good daddy, a good thumb, and a good pink leopard print woobie.

All week this week we've been hearing "uh-oh" and "ah-ga" (again). Two favorite new words. And if you say anything about cake, she starts singing happy birthday.
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Anne Smith said...

Pesky Squirrels - Grayson sure makes life fun and sweet. Love, MayMay