First haircut. If you can call it that. I barely took off anything but she was quite concerned.

First time playing at her new table. She has her apron on from cooking in the kitchen, and apparently needed to put her feet up and rest a while. I snapped this shot because she was coloring so sweetly by herself. I figured our crayon tasting days were over.

Until I came back in a few minutes later to check on her and found half a black crayon chomped into small pieces in her mouth and promptly whisked her to the bathroom to start excavating.

Black, of all colors. Justin came home just in time to find me in the bathroom and saying "you're sure these are non-toxic, right? I mean, she can't be the only child who's eaten a crayon, right?"
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Atkinson said...

love the table...and the black crayons:)

Mandy said...

In the pic of you squeezing her cheeks, that is the most precious set of brown eyes I've ever seen!!!!
Millie, I really enjoy your blog. Thx for sharing!

jonathan smith said...

I want that lock of hair. Really.


charlieatkinson said...

I'm getting her a sharpie for her birthday.