haaaaapuuhhh burd mama (Happy Birthday Mama)

Mil's birthday was earlier this week and since we've had a few other birthdays here in the last week, we've been practicing singing with Grayson. What happens is something like this:

Mil and Me: Happy Birthday to you
Grayson: haaaa
Mil and Me: Happy Birthday to you
Grayson: haaaapuh

Mil and Me: Happy Birthday dear Mama
Grayson: haaaap mama

Mil and Me: Happy Birthday to you
Grayson: [smiles and claps]

One time she got all the way to "haaaapuh burduh". Now when you ask her if she can sing, she goes into this high pitched quiet voice and throws together some combination of the above.

The pictures above are from our strawberry/strawberry cake. It was a family affair. Grayson and I mixed the ingredients and baked the cake (from a box) and made the buttercream icing (from scratch) . . . then we pretty much sat back and took pictures.

Millie's been taking a cake decorating class so she went nuts. First she was just going to do it plain . . . then she added the border around the bottom . . . then around the top . . . then, even though she hasn't even learned it in class yet, she went for the WILTON ROSE (note: when you say "WILTON ROSE" in our house, you have to say it in kind of a low, drawn out whisper because of its awesomeness.) I got to hold the rose stand thing while she was switching out the icing tips out of her cake decorating tackle box. It was pretty awesome. She rocks.

Oh and, yes, the cake tasted as good as it looked.
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melanie said...

scrumptious cake! and the wilton roses taste as good as they look.

Anne Smith said...

Grayson knows everything you are saying or singing and loves to sing or say it back & the cake wilton roses and all was YUM. It has been an awesome week :) MayMay