Little Helper

Pigtail girl loves to help take out the trash. And no, this is not our stinky-dirty-leaky kitchen trash being dragged all over our floors. This is the neat and as-clean-as-trash-can-be-clean trash from the random trashcans stashed in all other rooms except the kitchen. She also will immediately pick up any "tra" she sees when we play outside. Environmentally friendly yes, but ewe for the germ-fearing mama.

Pigtails loves to help dust too, but does not enjoy 'helping' with the vacuum. Actually, she cries. Hard. I think it's too loud. She cries too when I make smoothies in the blender. I'm starting to think I maybe should have skipped that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert when I was pregnant where I had to sneak out periodically and take a break because the bass was making my stomach rattle. Just kidding Tori, that concert was fun times. At least Gray likes to listen to the country radio station in the car and will 'dance' to good ol' Tim and Faith any day.
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Whitney said...

Dear Pigtails,
I am also afraid of the vacuum, the dustbuster and that big silver thing that sits on the counter that mommy uses when making chocolate cakes.

Your friend,

Anne Smith said...

I am glad to know she takes out the trash. We haven't done that at MayMay's house yet. She sure makes me smile.

jonathan smith said...

when are you gonna teach Grayson the "power clean?"

we used to 'power clean' the lake house - remember? the four of us would take no more than five minutes, we'd clean Riverbank from top to bottom, as fast as we could, including running the vacuum, making the beds, and sweeping the porch. well maybe 10 minutes, tops.

if it's not fun it won't get done.