Christmas Eve all wrapped up

It was fun to spend the day playing together, then to get dressed up for church to sing and continue the celebration of Jesus' birth. As a side note, we did our Jesse tree again this year, which I highly recommend for celebrating Advent with little people.

So one of the projects I worked on while Shu Shu was here was sewing up these dresses for the girls. Grayson's ended up being way too big, so I added the sash and flower to make it all work.

I am glad we have these pictures to prove that Finley did wear this dress for at least an hour and a half. Because after church, on the way to MayMay and Peeps' house to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends, she promptly threw up all over the dress, the carseat, and the car. And I forgot to mention that we realized she had pink eye while we were sitting at church. Oh the joys. Apparently though, the barfies were either flukey or she is allergic to almonds. It's a long story, but she was perfectly fine, not even a fuss, and no one else ever got sick. We did all get pink eye (except Justin so far), but I would take pink eye any day over the throw ups. So for that, I am thankful.
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