December Recap: Small Group Family

We love our small group. It started through our church, but now has six families who represent three different churches. Between all of us, there are eleven children ages 4 and under, plus four more on the way in the spring. Yes, us adults are totally outnumbered.

We see each other here and there throughout most weeks, but we officially meet for adult small group time twice a month at 8pm. There are two families (plus ours) who have grandparents in town who can help with babysitting for this. Three families don't have this luxury, so we started this new tradition of a sleepover when we moved into the new house. Each of the three families takes a room (our master bedroom, guest room, and bonus room), we put up pack n plays and monitors, they put their kids to bed at 8, we meet for small group, and then around 11, they take their kids home and tuck them into their own beds for the night. Babysitting money can now be saved for date nights.

On our last meeting in December, those who could join us came for BYODinner, then we headed to the den for rounds of Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, and Frosty the Snowman (we missed you Sassers!). These pictures crack me up. You should be able to click on the collage to enlarge it. It pretty much sums up the organized chaos of all these little ones running around. It can be crazy but we sure do love it. It is a joy to walk alongside families who are trying to love Jesus and love each other well.
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