December Recap: Candy House

To ring in the new year, I'm sitting here in bed with what is most likely a sinus infection. Ugh. My crew has gone to MayMay and Peeps's house for a yummy New Year's Day dinner. One which I will enjoy later in the form of a to-go plate.

To make the most of it, I thought I would take a few minutes to recap some of the fun around here that went on in December.

To start things off, our friends the Chesney's hosted a Candy House party. It's a brilliant idea I tell you...Curtis built these amazing houses out of wood, you decorate it with loads of sugar, and then you just wash it off with hot water and store it to redecorate the next year. Three cheers for no more graham crackers falling off OJ cartons--hip hip hooray! Grayson had a fever (we have had a rough cold season this year so far) so I brought home the supplies from the party and we decorated ours at home. As usual, sugar produces much excitement in this house.

Finley decided that it was more fun to eat the sugar than decorate with it (duh). This face appeared when we told her it was time to stop eating or she was going to have to leave the decorating table.

Two cute girls proud of their creation. And yes, that is icing on Grayson's chin. Love it.
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