Christmas Eve: Favorite Pictures

Justin and I realized that if we let the girls open their gifts Christmas Eve morning, we would have more time that day to play and not be so rushed. So the stage was set...
Stocking's stuffed with new coloring books, ring pops, juice boxes, fruit snacks, and frosted animal crackers.
Following some advice of a friend with older children to keep the gift giving simple, each child gets a want, a need, a wear, and a read. We simplified it even a little more than that this year since they are a little too young to get that whole system yet. We also started giving each of them an ornament so when they leave home years to come, they will have their own set of ornaments for their own trees.

Look at that excitement. Finley's "want" was a Melissa and Doug latchboard.

Who doesn't love a ring pop.

Grayson was very excited about her new cake making playdoh station (her "want"). Finley was excited about juice.

Finley's "wear and need" combined were new rain boots just her size. She is pointing to them in this picture and saying "shoes". She was insistent that she try them on but they wouldn't fit over her footed pjs. This one is getting bookmarked for her rehearsal dinner when she gets married.

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