Christmas Eve continued

We decided that some years we might do a "share" gift instead of the "wear". Not sure how long that will last, but at least in these little years we think it will work. We found this swing at Ikea on our last trip there when we were gathering things for the bonus room. We decided to wait until Christmas to install it. Finley is finally warming up to it a week later but Grayson thinks it is the best thing ever. She asks to swing on it multiple times a day (it can be hung on the ceiling to get it out of the way).

First moments seeing it...

Pure joy....

Not so sure but will sit on it and smile for the camera...

This one cracks me up. Click on the pic and look closely at my face. She just about crashed into the edge of the desk. After this we made the rule to stop and start again if you start to swing crooked.

Justin posted this one from his phone already but it deserves a second post because it's just so stinkin cute and fun.

And yes, we felt like cool parents after this one was installed and ready to see for Christmas (Eve) morning.
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