Honda For Sale - SOLD!


2000 Honda Accord EX, Leather, Sunroof, MPG: 32/26. Previously a Certified Honda, we just didn't need the gas mileage. I've got a Carfax Report I can send you if y want to see the history, but it's clean. It had one fender bender sometime in 2001 I think, but is says "very minor damage" reported.

Selling for $8,500, but the Friends and Family (and blog viewers) Discount is $7,950. Carmax is selling the same car (with cloth seats though) for $10,000.

Just call or stop by if you want to take a look.

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Matt Hannam said...

Remember the time we drove your car into the river but got stuck and the towtruck had to come but we had to leave it there overnight because it was dark and the mechanic was like "this will never run again." He was so wrong. Good times....