Love the Camera!


Bath time with daddy.

Afraid of the camera?!
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Hutch & Meg said...

Hey guys! Got your email/post about picasa. We've never had to change anything on Picasa. Do you actually blog from picasa itself? It is so much faster and better than doing it through blogspot.

Your newest pictures are great! Now the next purchase should be a zoom lense (You're welcome Justin). I practically never take our zoom off!

The Whitworth Fam said...

We use Picasa too! Meg got me hooked. Its so quick

millie smith said...

hutch & meg,

thanks! i think picasa worked itself out. and yes, we've started blogging straight from there, which is so much faster and easier. the zoom lense sounds like a great idea! thank you SO MUCH for giving your advice to justin on the camera. what a FUN birthday surprise for me!