Acts 2:42 Group

At our church, we're trying to get together and meet the folks in our neighborhoods that we see every Sunday. They split us up by zip code and just asked people to get together every quarter just to eat a meal and get to know each other (Acts 2:42). Mil and I volunteered to organize and our neighbors, Tom and Renee, offered their house. We has potluck spaghetti, bread, salad, drinks, and dessert, dessert, dessert.

What was so awesome was that EVERYONE seemed to want to be there; it wasn't a required event and no one got offered a reduced tithe if they came. Just some folks wanting to know and be known. How rare it is that you enjoy so much being with people who (for the most part) you have never met before.

About 1/2 the response and still lots o' folks (and guess what Grayson's watching . . . the ceiling fan.)

Mil and Mel (note how the moms and daughters have matching eyebrows positioning.)
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