Rise in GDT

Millie here. Just wanted to confirm that the GDT (see Justin's previous post for translation) is definitely on the rise. Justin totally got his man card last night....Grayson went to bed at 8pm in a cozy 70 degree room, but when I went in to feed her at 11pm, she was sound asleep in a cool 62 degrees. Brrrrrr. In our 113-year-old house, you just never know about heat issues, but 62 was way too cold since the heat was set on 70. Under further investigation, all of the heat vents in the front of the house were pumping hot air, while the vents in the back were cold. Uh oh. That discovery meant nothing short of a trip under the house to see if a duct needed reconnecting. At 12:00am. In the dark. In one of the coldest nights to date. In a space where just this week I heard an unidentified critter through the vents fumbling around. Thank goodness the new car produced a rise in the GDT (although I will say in my opinion, the GDT has always been high in our house when it comes to fixing things). Justin is my hero. And Grayson says "thanks daddy" for the warm night's sleep.

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justin smith said...

The dirty little secret is that it was a balmy 75 degrees under the house due to the disconnected duct.

It only took about 5 minutes to fix, but it felt so nice that I decided to hang out with the ferrel cats under the house for another half hour.