A Walk in the Park

Fun spur-of-the-moment walk in the park today with friends. When we stopped to feed the ducks, a woman passed us and made some remark like " population explosion". But I chuckled to myself when she ended her statement in "yikes" as she quickly moved her son to another part of the trail. Dear woman I don't know but smiled at, I actually think all of these little ones are just fabulous!

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The Whitworth Fam said...

yay...so fun, cant wait to do it again. Love the camera too! I want one!!

justin smith said...

is that a gang sign that A.K. Sasser is doing?

melanie said...

those sure are some cute kids.

justin smith said...


I thought you named her A.K. (like "A"my and "K"evin), but Millie tells me that it's A.C. (like Slater).

My Bad.