Let the Wild Rompus Begin

Our small group took a trip to Boone this weekend. I don't know what the average over/under bet on "total lost sleep" was, but Vegas would've probably put it around 20. Out of five kids, I think there was only a total of ~18 hours lost on Saturday night.

We played some disc golf, ate family style, and changed a lot of diapers.

One big happy small group family! (Heritages, Sassers, Whitworths, Potts, Smiths)

Playtime with five kids under 3, well, mostly under 10 months.

Babies, babies, babies (top row: Madison & Anna Cate, Charlie, Brooke middle row: Anna Cate, Madison, Anna Cate bottom row: Grayson, big Charlie & little Charlie, Madison & Grayson)
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Charlie said...

that's a good looking "Dirty Bird" dance going on...

melanie said...

Funny how the kids are all looking at each other in the group photo and none at the camera!
Great photos!