Happy Valentine's Day!

Justin brought me this beautiful orchid for Valentine's Day. The florist told him this type is the easiest to keep, which is good for me, since I've not been so sucessful with other orchids we've owned. I'm feeling lucky.

I made homemade sticky cinnamon rolls for Justin for breakfast this morning. I'm not usually much of a baker outside of sugar cookies and the occasional cake, but Justin's elaborate birthday cake inspired me. And I've always wanted to be a baker. Let's just say that most importantly, Justin thought they were really good. Since it took me all of Grayson's naptime yesterday to create them and I destroyed the kitchen more than once, I'd say that I'm not sure they were worth the effort. But I didn't have any trouble eating them either, and between the two of us, we devoured one entire pan (the recipe was from Cooking Light so I think we justified that we could eat more to equal the amount of calories in one "normal" cinnamon roll. faulty logic.)
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