Saturday (Part II)

What a funny laugh. She's starting to wrinkle up her nose like she smells something bad. Oh and the squealing; girlfriend has started squeling like a 13 year old. It's cute now, but I'm definitely going to be that Debbie Downer Dad that doesn't let that go on past 11:00pm during sleepovers.

She loves to lay on my chest. She's always surprised when I pick my head up of the ground to look at her. She never knows where I went or why I left, but is thrilled that I've returned.

Lately, the changing table has been a place where the line between fingers and toes is blurred.

Happy Birthday Millie!! You don't look a day over 40!

Just kidding. I'd write something really sweet and heart-felt here, but I did that already in your card, and Millie doesn't want me to use up my quota. So I'll just say: you're good people, Millie.
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