Come on Over, Come on Over Baby

So I was playing on the floor last night with Grayson, singing these "lyrics" in the title. In my head, I thought they were Amy Grant from the 80's (rock on), but I googled for the lyrics this morning to find the song with no luck. I hear her singing them in my head, but maybe it's an inaccurate blur from my early music days. Anyways, Grayson is definitely rolling over now, back to front. I caught it on the camera this morning in stages, but not yet on video.

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Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

Anna says, "Go Grayson Go!" She can't wait to roll on the floor with you and maybe even teach you a few new tricks!

justin smith said...

It's Christina Aguilera, not Amy Grant.

They're a lot alike, except one is a floozy and can't seem to keep her clothes on in her music videos and the other was on all your seventh grade 'Millie & Wes 4 Ever' mix tapes.

millie smith said...

ok, ok, so somehow i mixed up amy with christina. i had a few suggestions that it was christina, but i resisted the thought since i don't listen to her music. but thank you justin for singing it last night to clarify...and for laughing. i must have heard it on the radio. and aren't you funny on the mix tape comment!?