New Lyrics and Pictures

It's one part 'forgetfulness', and two parts 'entertainment', but Mil and I like to make up new lyrics. We were singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and realized we didn't like spiders and didn't really want him to climb back up the spout. So:

The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout
Down came the rain and flushed the spider out
Out came the sun and he shriveled up and died
And the itsy bitsy spider was sunnyside up and fried.

It's a big hit with the precrawlers.

When it's bathtime (below) we sing a stunning rendition of "Bringin' Sexy Back" called "Bringin' Bathy Back" that goes:

We're bringin' bathy back--Yeah!
Dirty Baaaaaabe,
You haven't had a bath in a few daaaaaays
and your hair has a reflective glaaaaaze
and you booty has a yellow haaaaaze.
Take me to the bath, dad!
Go 'head girl - go 'head scrub two feet . . .

And that about sums up the audience's reaction.

Two reasons for this picture: note the migration of Gray's bald spot and the 'strong to quite strong' mullet it's creating. Also note the rooster's tail on top of her head. When I called her a rooster - Millie thought I said brewster and now Grayson's new nickname is Punky Brewster.

Maymay and Peeps (my folks) got Grayson a cute outfit from this shop is Paris, called Le Petite Fraufraushauau or something. And they also got her a little bunny that we named Bridgette (pronounced "Bri-shjeet!"). She loved trying on clothes, and never asked if it made her butt look big.

She felt so Frenchie (sassy) in her outfit that she locked her fingers together and did her best Dr. Evil. She said "I'm going to hold the world hostage for 5 ounces of breastmilk," then we laughed and told her that wasn't that much milk, barely a full feeding and then she said "I meant 5 million ounces! Mwwaaaaa" and we gasped. Then she giggled and put herself to bed.
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Bunnie said...

This is MayMay - the name of the cute little shop in Paris (near the Arc d'Triomphe on Des Champs Elysees) is Petit Bateau (meaning little boat) Their logo is a sailboat - really really cute - like Grayson....

melanie said...

She looks a little like Anna Cate in that bathtub shot...big brown eyes and fingers in her mouth!

Marshall Benbow said...

Your commentary is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the update on life with Grayson.

mavis said...

we love the new spider lyrics. will have to try it. i just tagged millie over on my blog, if she wants to play. 7 strange things, and it doesn't look like it should be too hard. :)