When Bad Hair Happens to Good Kids

This is what Grayson's hair usually looks like:

Cute Bangs, huh?

Sunday night Millie was out with some girls, so after Grayson's bath I decided to give her new hairdo. It was all fun and games until Grayson's hair still looked like this 24 hours later, oops:

She looked so funny; none of her real friends would play with her. It's a good thing she has stuffed animals.

Goodbye bangs, Hello your father's forehead.

Her hairbow seemed to pull so tight, that her eyes were opened up wider than normal - she didn't blink all day.

So the jury was out. I thought she looked like she was stuck in the 80s (with,what Millie called "The Claw" hairdo), Mil thought she looked like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

You'll be glad to know that after tonight's bath, she looks a lot more like famous value investor Bill Miller. Big improvement.
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Anonymous said...

Mac is still digging her. He understands bad hair. He just hates Bangs(sp) so please let it grow out.