Our furry child was up first and acting like a maniac in the backyard with the new snowfall.

Our other child was more pensive about it when she woke up. As a side note, she frequently holds her pinky out like this when she sucks her thumb these days. Funny girl.

The big snow came before I could snag some rainboots at the upcoming consignment sales in town. So she was rockin out snow pants with her pink converse one stars. Harris Teeter helped us out with some waterproofing. Reduce, reuse, recycle. It looked silly but worked perfectly. She was still very pensive the whole time we were outside. I think she couldn't quite figure out why the snow was all the way up to her shins this time. Or maybe why she couldn't see her feet. Or feel her hands.

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Anne Smith said...

i am pretty sure that she couldn't be any cuter. MayMay