Daddy/Daughter Weekend

Mil was gone on a women's retreat this weekend. Gray and I lived it up . . . as you can tell.

(cameraphone pictures, clockwise from upperleft: Peeps reading to Pookie after he brought over a couple of steaks for dinner. Gray decided to wear her apron, fleece tobog, and backpack for much of Saturday night. Actually she decided to wear her tobog while we watched basketball and ate snack too. This morning she decided to put all her stuffed animals in the rocking chair and read to them - she's a sweetheart. She also wanted to try on all her clothes from the dirty clothes bin - eww - that's four shirts and two pants over her outfit. We grabbed breakfast at Smith Street Diner with Kevin and Anna, Jeff and Eli and Pookie and I shared every bit of our breakfast. Grayson decided to be extra snugly with me since I was the best option she had. She smiled most of the weekend - thankfully - but did say "mama?" a few times.)
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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh Milly - these pictures are precious, and your husband is the man for being the blogger that he is. :)
It's always a great thing to know that we can leave our blessings in good hands.
So fun to connect with you this weekend!!