Look a Likes

Mil's been spring cleaning and came across this old picture of her and her grandmother (Mamaw). We figured Mil was the same age in the picture as Grayson is now - and they could be twins with their hair clippies.

Please note: she made me promise to make sure all of you know that the harry, pale, and scantily clad couple in the background is not her mom and dad.

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Anne Smith said...

Wow - that puts aging into a different light.

Gramashu said...

Thanks for the note makiing sure I'm not thought of as "the scantily clad" one.

jonathan smith said...

no wonder millie's happy. click the picture and see the foam from the beer in the styrofoam cup!

whitwo said...

I can't believe that guy in the background is wearing a sweater at the beach.