Weekend Away

This weekend was a sweet time up at Camp Cheerio with the women from our church. I had my camera all weekend but it sadly didn't make it out of my bag very often. Here's our cabin, minus Melanie (if I had photoshop, you'd be in there Mel!).

We got to celebrate Amy and Amy's birthdays with cake (yes, same name, same birthday)...

And then I got to come home on Sunday to this little snugglebug who apparently had a BIG, FUN time with her daddy this weekend (see post below).

I so enjoyed time away with new and old friends where we really had the chance to connect without the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, but also so enjoyed coming home to my sweet husband and little girl. Who, by the way, is now saying "wa-wa" for her "woobie" (or for her mama's woobie for those of you closely examining the above picture). And just from when I left her to when I got home, she now puts the "oooo" in shoe in addition to the "sh" and promptly says "shew shew shew" whenever she takes off her socks and shakes them at your nose (for the smell of course).
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Anne Smith said...

It was a real treat to see you with your friends - what a cute cute group of girls...you are so lucky. It was fun to be with all of you. Love, Anne