Day 2: Science Center

Maymay and Peeps treated us all to a trip to the Natural Science Center. Grayson said, "amls?" Yes Gray, add a few more vowels in there, we're headed to see the animals.

I told Avery to snuggle up to Grayson for a picture. Gray was skeptical...

Then she got into the love...

Most of the "amls" were sleeping that day, except we did get a close up view of the howler monkeys, the tiger came within inches of spraying Avery (eek!), and the goats were ready to eat some more leaves from tiny hands.

And the wallabies (who were sleeping last time we went), we hopping around. After Grayson saw them jump across the grass and then stop, she promptly looked at them and said "aga"(translation: "again").
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