Attic Makeover: FINISHED!

(if you are just tuning in, this is post number EIGHT in a series that documents this rennovation. scroll down to start at the beginning!)

This picture below is what it's all about. Shoes off, snuggled under a blanket, drawing "ferris wheels" and "kangaroos" on the magna doodle. Every time we come up here, it's so refreshing. We're so thankful that the funds and time and people came together to pull it off, that we didn't encounter any major obstacles, and that we now get to enjoy this space together as a family. To be able to have all of my sewing gear in one place, in the SAME room where Grayson can play, and Justin can chill on the couch or check email is actually sort of unbelievable. "I go upstairs?" is a phrase we hear from Grayson quite frequently now. And personally, I can't wait for the front dormer window view of the lighted Christmas balls hanging in the pecan tree in just over a month!

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Heather said...

My blog reader only showed me the first four posts. I started at post 1 and by the time I got to 4 you had posted more so I kept reading. Good stuff! I'm so jealous! YOu did a fabulous job with the decorating. We have an unfinished 3rd floor that we desperately want to finish. But the idiots who built the house put the furnace and duct work right in the middle of one wing (it's an L-shape). And the other wing is filled to the brim with uhm, how shall i phrase it... crap! Ok, not all crap. Mostly just boxes of "stuff" that overwhelm me everytime I attempt to sort through it. Please send the upstairs-finishing-good-fortune my way!!

Atkinson said...

i love, love, love the room! you guys did a great job and i know that you will find so much enjoyment in your new space!

Anne Smith said...

Peeps and I just read the whole detail from beginning to end. I don't know when we have enjoyed reading anything so much. Good job Justin, Millie and 'sit down right here' Grayson. I know we will have great times here.

melanie said...

One word....COZY!~~