First Trip to the State Fair

Justin's birthday is next week, so we decided last minute to celebrate early with a mid-week trip to the state fair. Justin and I both loved the fair from our Raleigh days, so we were excited to share it with Grayson.


food: country ham biscuits (my fav), polish sausages with peppers and onions (Justin's fav) and NCSU strawberry icecream (all of our favs). we skipped the fried fest this time, but click on the picture above to englarge it to check out the newest fried food offerings. i also forgot to upload the sign for "pig lickers", which apparently were bacon dipped chocolate pieces. ewe.

games and rides: actually didn't play any or ride any this year. rides there have always sort of freaked me out anyways and the games are just a good way to spend some money. we asked grayson if she wanted to ride the carousel or play "go fishin" but she replied no both times. "more animals" she said.

animals: she loved it. cows, chickens, sheep, holding the baby chicks and ducks, the petting zoo...when we told her that we were going to the fair, she started naming off animals we might see. she was fixed on "maybe camels?" for some reason and thankfully, there were two at the petting zoo. along with the capabaras, aka giant rats. what?

sights: half of the fun of the fair is just looking at all of the people and rides and prizes and signs. her little pointer finger was in full service as we strolled her through the crowds (which, by the way, were MUCH more manageable at 10am on a tuesday!)

overall rating: five stars. it also helped that the weather was just about as perfect as it could get. happy early birthday daddy!
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Mandy said...

So excited for Grayson and her fair trip! It is so fun and almost overwhelming for the little ones. So much to see, do, and eat!!!! :) Glad ya'll enjoyed your time there.
Our clan is sick, or we'd have been there today, Wed, via free admin and tix from our neighbor. Bummer.... I think I've only missed maybe 3 or 4 years out of 29!!!