Funny Girl

Two days ago I slept in until Grayson woke up because I was so tired. I went into her room to get her up, leaned over her crib, and yawned. She looked up at me, took her thumb out of her mouth, and said "You sleepy mama?"

I'm getting Christmas shopping done ahead of time with baby sister's upcoming arrival. Today we shopped for our Samaritan's Purse shoebox together. I think I must have said "this is not for Grayson, this is a gift for somebody else" about twenty times as she was saying "this Grayson's ball!...rabbit!...crayons!". The concept must have somewhat sunk in. She's trying to fall asleep for her nap and I hear her singing "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to somebody else". Ha.

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Anne Smith said...

smart and cute little girl. i just love the way she thinks.