The Details...

Clockwise starting top left in photo collage:

Patchwork pillow: my scrap fabric attempt to blend in the red with all of the pink in this room. Red is sort of our 'house color'...it appears in every room, not entirely on purpose, I think we just like it. We already had some red accessories (chair, baskets, bins, etc) so I was hoping to just blend it in with the new colors. I know, I know, red and pink is sort of a 'no-no' but I'm still trying to pull it off. As Justin says, I'm still working out the "flair" (aka ribbon, accessories, fabric) in this room.

Bookcase: stayed basically the same as before, now with books and toys.

Dress up corner: my favorite new playspace! Hooks are where she can reach them, although we are working on teaching her how to actually lift things up and off the hook. Girl LOVES to see herself in any mirror, so the curvy mirror is a big hit here. Mirror and lampshade are from Ikea (love that store), pompoms and paper lanterns are from Wal-mart (Martha Stewart party supply clearance a while ago), flower hooks are Hobby Lobby, circle rugs are samples from Capel Rug Outlet.

Blank wall: this is a non-working fireplace that's been boarded up since we moved in. We've never dared to undo the boards fearing what might be hiding, so we figured now wasn't the time either with a toddler moving in. Good spot for the new dollhouse and maybe the future home of a mural behind it. Above the mantle on the blank wall will be her GWS letters that Aunt Ali painted when she was born. They still hang in her "old room" because she's still sleeping in there for now and we didn't want to take every last item out of there quite yet.

New curtains: plain white cheap panels from Target, lined with blackout material from Joann Fabrics (how did I not know about this fabric before?), flared with coasters-then-hole-punched-then-strung-on-ribbon from the same clearance party supplies at Wal-Mart.

Artwork display: Pink rope from Lowes, more coasters hot glued over screws, clothespins. Easy easy.

New dresser: Old dresser picked up off the side of the road by my sweet husband who has learned from me the great value in slowing the car down to check out other people's trash. New coat of white paint. Ribbon pulls for the top drawers instead of the old school fancy metal ones. I'm still working out the bottom drawer storage because those drawers were missing. I might sew a curtain here to cover it all, but we're rockin' it open for now.

One of my favorite conversations when working in this room:
Me to Justin: "do you think this mixmatching ribbon on the drawer pulls is too funky?"
Justin: "Um, we're not really lacking funky in this room". (ha)

So far, girl is totally loving the new space. She asks to "play in new room" and will promptly ask anyone she can find in the vicinity to "sit down right here".
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justin smith said...

Proverbs 31 in the Message reads: "she adds flair to everything in her vicinity."

you're awesome. i love you.

p.s. - that should mean A LOT to you because even though this is only a comments section, as you know good and well I do not, I repeat, do not approve of public displays of affection on the internets. But there, I've said it.

Whitney Hannam said...

You guys are so sweet! I love Grayson's new big girl room, so so fun! I know she will make many a memories in that fun place, way to be creative!

Meredith said...

found a link to your blog via baby boltes' & am so inpsired by YOU! so excited for your newest addition on the way! any sewing advice ya have---end my way---i'm juts starting out!

Anne Smith said...

I can't think of anything I would rather have said to me than 'Sit down right here' Love, MayMay

living life said...

such a sweet little girl's room. millie you are so talented girl, i already knew that but just wanted you to hear it. i love the red and pink together.

melanie said...

Love the little details you've added to make it special for Grayson. The pillow is too cute!