Attic Makeover Part 7

(It's a bit tricky to capture photographs up here with the light and the angles)

The staircase is a bit on the narrow side, and we quickly realized that no craigs-list furniture was going to fit up here unless it came apart. So we took a family day trip to Ikea and found this couch and chair. It came ready to assemble in boxes, which fit perfectly up the stairs. The rest of the furniture either fit or had to be taken apart and then put back together. And actually, the couch and chair were the only new items we had to purchase...the rest either came from family, was bought at yard sales, or was already in the office downstairs and just got moved up here.

So towards the front of the house is the living room space/play room space.

And towards the back of the house is the office and sewing and closet areas. Justin's closet doors are the last project on the books aside from hanging pictures.

This is the front dormer and that little pile of black fur is Maggie with her head tucked behind the pillows. What can I say, the dog adores this spot. The carpet, the window, the pillows, it doesn't get much better. Oh yeah, and Grayson loves it too with the toys on the bookcase and the "pi-yohws" to jump on.

This is a minor detail but I just had to show my new fabric storage. Sorry if the picture is a little blurry. After an hour of blogging this rennovation I'm losing steam. This already-painted-red-and-only-needing-a-little-door-repair unit was only $5 at a yard sale, no haggling involved!
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melissa said...

it looks so great!!! and i LOVE that red cabinet! so fun!!