Attic Makeover Part 3

Fast forward to July. Uncle Jon and cousin Jeremy come to the rescue! Although Justin is about as handy as it gets, he also has a full time job and we realize after months of dreaming that him doing most of the work was not feasible. I'm not sure that we'll ever be able to thank Jon and Jeremy enough for all of the work they did up here. I didn't capture a ton of "in process" shots, but they worked hard and fast to get the space finished up for us. These angles were beastly to work with. And I think I forgot to mention that there was no HVAC up here and in the summer the space acts like an oven. Eek.

We raised the ceiling a decent amount to give more head room. We could both stand up before, but with lighting, it was going to be a little close.

The "old closet" wall is gone to make room for the new. You can see a peek of the new flooring and where we store our stuff now.

Banister removed. It was about as rickety and wobbly as it got, and not nearly tall enough for us living in the land of the giants over here.
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