Attic Makeover Part 5

Almost finished! This was the day they came to install the carpet. In the picture below, Grayson is sitting in front of the dormer window, and I asked her to show me how excited she was about the new attic space. Which, by the way, we now call the "upstairs" and the "attic" is where all of our stuff is. I'm still getting used to it.

New mini-split (ductless) HVAC system on the wall above the closet doors. Just to brag on my handy-dandy husband...he installed it. He told me he wanted to and I was skeptical, even knowing how handy he is. Then he said it would save us $1000 and I said yes, please (HVAC was one of our larger costs). A few hours over one weekend and he was done. This thing works like a champ and is perfect for this space. It's controlled by a remote in the room and it runs outside to a compressor like a regular HVAC unit.
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