Attic Makeover Part 2

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These shots are taken standing sort of in the middle of the room, hitting all "four" sides.

One dormer to the right at the top of the stairs (the dormers are not symmetrical, actually nothing is straight or symmetrical in our house really, let alone in this crazy space).

The front dormer (that window faces the street). We looked into having this beam reworked but again, outside of the budget.

The narrow dormer.

Straight ahead in this shot below was the old "closet". We decided to knock it out and build behind that space instead to give us some more square footage. If you look closely, to the left of the hanging bags, you'll see the old "access" door. Basically our first step in all of this was for Justin to build flooring back there where there was only beams (see the silver piping). There is a lot more space back there, which falls over our bathroom, bedroom, and nursery. So he built flooring, we purged about half of this stuff, and then moved it all back into the new "attic" space. And yes, for inquiring minds, those are stacks of Christmas lights on the left. It comes with the territory in being a part of the Smith family.
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