The Dog that Ate the Doll

Grayson has been enjoying her "new" (consignment) dollhouse we gave her for her birthday. Here's a sneak-peek of her new room. More on that later (how many times have I said this on the blog recently about our rennovations?!). Anyways, the dollhouse came with furniture, a set of grandparents, a mama, a daddy, and a little girl. Before I could even snap a photo of the family's clothing makeover with my fabric scraps, I found the shredded wood pieces in the last picture scattered all over the living room floor. While I was fixing dinner in the other room even! I decoded that it was the little girl from her dog-spit covered brown dress. In Maggie's defense, this is only the second thing she's ever chewed up. A doll and an American flag. So far Gray hasn't seemed too torn up about the situation, although I'm sure tomorrow I'll hear "where girl go mama?". Um, Maggie ate her, remember? Ick.

As I'm typing this, baby sister is kicking around like crazy. Almost as if she's saying "hello! don't forget about me!". 27 weeks, still no name (not even close) but doing well. One of these days we'll get a belly shot posted here.
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