Attic Makeover Part 4

(it's definitely recommended to scroll down to read these in order!)

This was only a couple of weeks after the last pictures. New lighting, new sheetrock on the kneewalls (I learned all kinds of new terms during this process), and new beadboard on the angles and ceilings! This is where I started getting giddy. It was actually happening! We decided to cover up the old beadboard instead of trying to salvage it or rip it down. It was one of our best decisions (thanks goes to Jon for providing a convincing argument for sheetrock; we love it). I also forgot to mention that on either side of the front dormer here in the pic below, there are spaces behind those walls that go over our front porch and Grayson's new room. Justin installed new ceiling fans in both spots before we closed up those walls for good.

New banister, at a much taller height for us. New wall with new attic access door on the left and new closet cut out for Justin's clothes on the right.

Front dormer. The windows still need some work but the beadboard ceiling!

This is a shot of the entire room sitting in front of the window in the front dormer. It's about 300 square feet as a rectangle; about 400 square feet if you include the dormer spaces. It's crazy; we had talked about rennovating this since we moved in four years ago. We're so thankful we finally did it before it was time to move out!
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